March 2022 Newsletter.

Spring is well and truly here. With st Patrick’s day and the changing of the clocks and the easing of restrictions, I’ve been really busy.

Thanks to all of you who have referred people to my service. It’s great to be contacted by new clients who have had a recommendation from you guys. You are very welcome to talk about me behind my back ;) 


I know things are weird in the world right now with the conflict in Eastern Europe. I’m hoping that the people affected arriving here, are welcomed to our Ireland and cared for, in the same way, this island has played host to me and my family. 


Upcoming Workshops:

March 26th yoga hub Blackrock 1.30-3.30 : Myofascial release for the neck and shoulder 

This 2-hour workshop is suitable for beginners and those familiar with a yin style of practice. Those with long-standing injuries are especially welcome, particularly those who sit at desks. The workshop will include restorative practices, including guided & grounding meditations, gentle balancing activation exercises and stretchy postures. We will make a tool, especially for myofascial release postures.


Book directly via yoga hub by clicking here. 


Masterclasses for teachers in April 

On the 23rd of April in the yoga hub, Camden still is hosting me for two masterclasses for teachers. They will cove the upper and lower body in 2 workshops, and focus on injury prevention for yoga teachers. These are not released yet for booking, but keep the date free if you are interested to develop your teaching practice in an effective & safe way. 



Physical therapy appointments: 

I now have appointments available on Saturdays in Dundrum. 

Usually the first and second Saturdays of the month, others are also available in the diary. 

see the open space in Yoga Dublin Dundrum. 

Price Change: 

Due to the recent rise of inflation, my prices must change to reflect the outside environment. 

I will be increasing the price of an hour of hands-on therapy to €95 from the first of April. Thanks for your understanding around this change. I try to keep my prices reasonable and in line with other services.  

I continue to offer mobile appointments on weekdays including some evenings. 

To enquire about a Tuesday or Saturday clinic appointment or a home visit please text, email or call me. 


Coaching appointments available: 

I have a limited number of coaching sessions available during April and May. These sessions are useful to help you focus yourself around purpose/ mission.  Values and objectives, boundaries and support systems. 

These sessions are very practical conversations they can happen Over a coffee and a walk in the park, but they are not easy, I’ll challenge your beliefs and ask to dig deep into your future choices and behaviour. 


You set the agenda each time and I ensure you receive high-value outcomes. If you would like to know more about how coaching would work for you, I’m happy to have a 20-minute chat for free over the phone. I call this session a clarify call where you discover how coaching might be successful for you


Wishing you a happy long bank holiday and a very merry spring break :)