Myofasical release

The intention of this sometimes uncomfortable, but highly effective therapeutic modality, is to loosen the tension within the tightened fascia or soft tissue, so the muscles can be free to move efficiently without pain.

The network of the muscles, tendons, bones and the ligaments, create a fascinating matrix of supportive and contractile tissue. The web-like structure held together by essential tension, Nessecarry for these parts to function efficiently. However, an excess of this pressure can lead to dysfunction or dis-ease in our movement patterns. This alteration in the movement of the body can create particular areas of excess tension is sometimes called knots or pressure points. 

Together we will be going through a set of basic exercises, that I have presented to hundreds of clients over the last 5 years, all with relaxing results.

You will need a tennis ball, or an orange or similar, (nothing to hard or soft)  a pillow or 2, a blanket a space 2meters x 2 meters where you can comfortably lie down and still see your device screen most importantly you will need to hear my instructions. It’s best if you’re not disturbed so put your phone and children on silent and give your self some space to relax.


When I am thinking about how best to teach Anatomy, I'm often using the question "what is the form and shape that creates the structure of this part of the body?". However (and I'm frank here) anatomy can be boring. For me, there is no story to it, so I find it difficult to relate to the components as they can appear separate. As characters of a story described out of context, unrelated to others. 


For me, what's much more relatable and more available to understand is the purpose or "Job" of a set of the bodies parts. The study of our bodies components to collaborate and function as a whole system is known as physiology. This quality of creative interrelationship of the bodies parts, is essential to our wellbeing, in particular the ability to create balance in the body.

These 1.5 -hour sessions will be run like a study group and are suitable for developing practitioners and teachers, your welcome to ask me questions. Each session we will cover different areas and look at the common problems that can affect these areas. We can discuss ways we can adapt our practice to work with these areas.

  • Anatomy Mentoring Programme

    Starts Sep 17


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