Successful collaborations

I hold long-standing relationships with yoga studios across Dublin, where I am currently located. My active partnerships are with YogaHub and YogaDublin, to name a few. I am all about connection, with both the studio’s staff and their clientele.

One big benefit of my relationships with studios is that it allows both parties to encourage and promote one another. For private 1:1 sessions, I use studio rooms, which brings my clients into yoga spaces. I further keep them up-to-date on future events that I hold on the premises. Through my workshops, I introduce guests to the yoga world, as I fuse my myofascial release with elements of Yin and Restorative Yoga.

I see the therapeutic benefits of these yogic practices, how they work hand-in-hand with what I teach, an alternative method of opening up the body and working towards healing. On numerous occasions, I have held collaborative events with other studio teachers, adding in meditations and yin practices for a full immersion of deep-tissue release and relaxation. 


I am a current guest teacher on YogaHub’s 200HR and 300HR Teacher Training, sharing my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as well as teaching yoga to those with common injuries. I also host workshops and training with YogaHub that are open to the public, the latest being a 6HR Anatomy Training over Zoom.

I hold strong relationships with YogaHub’s teaching and workshop coordinators, as well as studio staff.

Taking these relationships seriously, I see the benefits of collaborations and the possibilities that come with getting to know owners and clients. It’s about teaming up with studio staff, listening to what the public wants, and providing those things for them efficiently and effectively, topped off with a lot of smiles!