When you are interested in working with me one-on-one, please book an Exploratory call so we can have a chat to connect and explore how the 'In-Power' coaching programme with me would work for you. If we both decide we want to work together we can set up a coaching schedule and go from there.

If you are interested in the 'In-Bodiment' mentoring programme you can learn more about it here or drop me a line at Or book a free Exploratory call to discuss your questions.

Life is a journey full of transitions. I believe, as humans, we are resistant to change, so during times of change, it’s helpful to have guidance along the way.


Throughout my group and one-to-one coaching programmes, I allow you to unpack old stories and change your internal narrative. Together, we will gain a different outlook that will encourage you to take steps towards your full potential, with a little bit more intention and insight.


I have created the​ ‘In-Powerment’ and ‘In-Bodiment' programmes based on my experience in the health and wellness industry over the last ten years. During the 'In-Powerment' programme, we will explore and clarify your values, beliefs, and boundaries through a mixture of breathwork, visualisation guides, and self-reflection. In the 'In-Bodiment' programme we also use self-study, anatomical discussion and exercises, such as myofascial release, to help you become more ready for the challenges we face in our day-to-day lives.


The 'In-Power' One-to-one sessions can be arranged by contacting me. Together, we can highlight your personal goals, the right pace, and form the optimal programme for you that caters to your needs. We’ll work to ensure that our time together is utilised effectively.


For the 'In-Bodiment' group sessions, we meet online. Throughout, I offer coaching sessions with supporting materials and Q&A’s to help anyone interested in working with the body and mind. We will alternate between weeks of learning and weeks of self-exploration and group-exploration. My aim is for you to become a confident, safe and effective teacher or practitioner, thus allowing you to build a brand that students will know and trust. These courses are welcome to all bodyworkers, movement facilitators, yoga teachers and practitioners, as well as anyone interested in diving deeper into an embodied way of living.


One of my biggest beliefs is the need for a community in living and learning, so creating a safe and welcoming environment for all is key, whether that’s in group sessions or private one-to-ones. 

Trees and Mountains

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.

-Henry David Thoreau-

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