1:1 coaching sessions with me are highly effective at giving you the chance to focus on what is causing you pain. They will deliver fundamental, lasting positive changes in your life and career. 

By giving you a chance to pause, take stock of where you want to go and discover strategies that support you through times of transition. Sessions are available in my offices in Pembroke road, Ballsbridge or Dundrum, Dublin 14. A walk in the park is a very beneficial place to have a coaching session. Moving out in nature is great to get the heart open and look at what you want to change in your life. Herbert Park in south Dublin is a favourite of mine, as is Fern Hill. 

 Alternatively, we can at a location to suit you.  A café hotel reception or meeting room is a great place to begin the conversation.

Suppose you consider working with me one-on-one, either for coaching or physical therapy. Book a free 45 min "chemistry check". This session allows you to sample my style and gives you a chance to ask all the questions necessary to help you to make an informed decision. If we both decide to work together, we can set up a coaching schedule.

Life is a journey full of transitions. I believe, as humans, we are resistant to change, so during times of change, it’s helpful to have guidance along the way.


Throughout my group and one-to-one coaching programmes, I allow you to unpack old stories and change your internal narrative. Together, we will gain a different outlook that will encourage you to take steps towards your full potential, with a little bit more intention and insight.


The​ programmes i deliver are based on my experience in the health and wellness industry over the last ten years. During the programme, we will explore and clarify your values, beliefs, and boundaries through a mixture of breathwork, visualisation guides, and self-reflection. In the programmes I also advise you on the use of self-care practices and exercises, such as mindfulness and myofascial release, to help you become more ready for the challenges we face in our day-to-day lives.


One-to-one sessions can be tailored to your needs during our consultation, Together, we can highlight your personal goals, the right pace, and form the optimal programme for you that caters to your needs. We’ll work to ensure that our time together is utilised effectively.


To further develop  your progress I offer to follow up check-ins that support your new skills to become habits 

One of my biggest beliefs is the need for a community in living and learning, so creating a safe and welcoming environment for all is key, whether that’s in group sessions or private one-to-ones. 

Trees and Mountains

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.

-Henry David Thoreau-