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Summer 2022 Newsletter 

Well Folks, it’s been a while…

I have been navigating life’s winding roads and busy wandering off the beaten track to nurture and grow some new offerings for you. Like with all things, these started as just the seeds of ideas, during the deep winter moths when I was travelling within, resting more, and shoring up energy for the hot summer months ahead.

After much thought, and many walks in the woods, I have come up with a new coaching concept that I am excited to share with you all.

  • Walk and Talk Coaching

One of the things I love the most, and in fact, when I feel truest to myself, is when I find time to be out in nature, surrounded by green space, and unrestrained by four walls.

There is something about feeling your feet on the earth, observing the organic patterns of the ferns, and the leaves and the tree canopy above, and tuning in to the sounds of the birdsong and the animal life, that reconnects you to yourself to the natural navigator in you, the part that feels the right way for you to go on your path.


Walk and Talk Coaching combines my love of Nature, the benefits of moving your body and the wisdom of the coaching modality all in one immersive experience. My clients have found that away from the structure, or the container if you will, of the typical therapy space, they are able to think in different ways, throw off the casts that they have perhaps been limited by, and process things in a less cerebral, and more somatic way.


If you are someone, who has naturally shied away from traditional coaching but has always been curious about what it could offer you, in terms of growth, and emotional development and reaching your full potential; Walk and Talk coaching could be the perfect place to start.

What can you expect? 


I believe that the natural aesthetics of the nature around us during the Walk & Talk sessions enhance the quality of the work that takes place.

I guide you to see elements of the landscape as metaphors for the challenges you may be facing, or the changes you yearn to make.


What does this look like in reality? 


I want my sessions to feel like a natural collaboration, I will help to guide you to connect with your felt senses, by giving helpful prompts, and gentle somatic exercises to allow you to get the thinking mind out of the way, so that you can hear what the body is really telling you via the medium of your emotions, your intuition. your gut feeling. 


One thing that came up during a walk recently, was cognition of the prevalence of both dark and light in the forest around us, we noticed that there are shadow areas that can often be ignored and disregarded as less than, however, it is in these dark, moist, fertile places that all the germination takes place.

Just as the plants cannot grow into the light without this period of fertilisation underground, we too often need to acknowledge and look at our shadow natures to unearth the really big ideas, the most resonant parts of ourselves, and ultimately to allow us to birth our most meaningful creations.


I offer packages to suit individual needs, or just like my physio sessions you can “pay as you go”. The investment for a typical session would be 150 euros for 90 mins. These can take place in either Herbert Park in Ballsbridge or the newly opened Fernhill in Sandyford, which features a beautiful arboretum and views over Dublin Bay.

If you are not based in Dublin, then meeting up halfway might be possible.

Send your enquiry to me at and we can start a conversation, chatting over the phone first to discover if my coaching service is a fit for you.

 If you would like to follow my new profile that showcases some advice and opportunities, please navigate to Instagram:  @equinox_coaching_.

out in nature

Clinics continue (indoors)…

My physical therapy clinics continue, On Tuesdays in Joe Daly House, Dundrum, Wednesdays through Saturdays, In the wonderful rooms at Oscailt Pembroke road, Ballsbridge.

In the Autumn, when things cool down a little…

I have been germinating something special in my downtime; I have a book launching in September! More on this in the next newsletter.

Dates for workshops…

I have some new workshop dates that will be announced in the coming weeks, so make sure that you are following me on my social channels @joseph_devlin_ to be the first to hear about them.

August 13th, group coaching in nature 

September 3rd Yoga Hub

September 17th Hands-on Training for therapists 

October 1st With Yoga Dublin Ranelagh

I have set an intention to make these newsletters a more regular thing, so you will be hearing from me very soon, with more details about the above offerings. 

Go gently


March 2022 Newsletter.

plinth in yoga dublin

Spring is well and truly here. With st Patrick’s day and the changing of the clocks and the easing of restrictions, I’ve been really busy.

Thanks to all of you who have referred people to my service. It’s great to be contacted by new clients who have had a recommendation from you guys. You are very welcome to talk about me behind my back ;) 


I know things are weird in the world right now with the conflict in Eastern Europe. I’m hoping that the people affected arriving here, are welcomed to our Ireland and cared for, in the same way, this island has played host to me and my family. 


Upcoming Workshops:

March 26th yoga hub Blackrock 1.30-3.30 : Myofascial release for the neck and shoulder 

This 2-hour workshop is suitable for beginners and those familiar with a yin style of practice. Those with long-standing injuries are especially welcome, particularly those who sit at desks. The workshop will include restorative practices, including guided & grounding meditations, gentle balancing activation exercises and stretchy postures. We will make a tool, especially for myofascial release postures.


Book directly via yoga hub by clicking here. 


Masterclasses for teachers in April 

On the 23rd of April in the yoga hub, Camden still is hosting me for two masterclasses for teachers. They will cove the upper and lower body in 2 workshops, and focus on injury prevention for yoga teachers. These are not released yet for booking, but keep the date free if you are interested to develop your teaching practice in an effective & safe way. 



Physical therapy appointments: 

I now have appointments available on Saturdays in Dundrum. 

Usually the first and second Saturdays of the month, others are also available in the diary. 

see the open space in Yoga Dublin Dundrum. 

Price Change: 

Due to the recent rise of inflation, my prices must change to reflect the outside environment. 

I will be increasing the price of an hour of hands-on therapy to €95 from the first of April. Thanks for your understanding around this change. I try to keep my prices reasonable and in line with other services.  

I continue to offer mobile appointments on weekdays including some evenings. 

To enquire about a Tuesday or Saturday clinic appointment or a home visit please text, email or call me. 


Coaching appointments available: 

I have a limited number of coaching sessions available during April and May. These sessions are useful to help you focus yourself around purpose/ mission.  Values and objectives, boundaries and support systems. 

These sessions are very practical conversations they can happen Over a coffee and a walk in the park, but they are not easy, I’ll challenge your beliefs and ask to dig deep into your future choices and behaviour. 


You set the agenda each time and I ensure you receive high-value outcomes. If you would like to know more about how coaching would work for you, I’m happy to have a 20-minute chat for free over the phone. I call this session a clarify call where you discover how coaching might be successful for you


Wishing you a happy long bank holiday and a very merry spring break :) 


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