Joseph Devlin

  • Neuromuscular Physical Therapist 

  • Health Coach


Massage & Neuromuscular Physical Therapist

A keen rugby player in his 20’s, Joseph experienced many of the common injuries associated with this sport, from damaged and overworked muscles to broken bones. His interest in the body’s healing process was peaked after a fracture had required an operation and several months in cast and rehab. His mind was made up, he wanted to help others with their injuries…

Misty Slopes

I believe that heart-led people create a better world together.

-Joseph Devlin-


"Joseph, thank you for sharing our time with the BYS Yoga community amidst this new pandemic. I valued your clear and simple explanations for common physical ailments. Your description of the upper and lower cross syndrome, along with a guide on sequencing for it, helped me feel more confident in sequencing for the modern yogi. All the best, crm"



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