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Joseph Devlin NMT Bray

I am a complementary health practitioner specialising in physical therapy, coaching and education. offering 1:1 and group experiences.  Utilising a ‘hands-on’ approach, I guide and mentor people experiencing pain away from discomfort and toward joy-filled, happy lives.

I have over 15 years of experience I am of service by supporting people in pain to regain their health and wellbeing. By moving through times of challenge we build resilience and learn to regulate our system and build our resilience.

 My clients report feeling more comfortable in their bodies and experiencing more peaceful lives during and following work with me.

I support my clients through sometimes difficult but always beautiful transitions. I care deeply about the human experience, particularly how we affect each other and the planet around us. 

I work primarily with adults rehabilitating painful conditions and building their emotional well-being. I volunteer with men's groups where we run sessions on emotional literacy and vulnerability.

My Story...

I was a keen rugby player in my  20s, I experienced many of the common injuries associated with this sport, from damaged and overworked muscles to broken bones. My interest in the body’s healing process peaked after a fracture required an operation and several months in cast and rehab. My mind was made up: I wanted to help others with their pain & injuries

I started my health training in 2006 at the National Training Centre of Ireland, graduating with a qualification in Massage, Remedial, and Neuromuscular Therapy. After this, I headed to Aberdeen in Scotland, which shaped a lot of my career. I completed a two-year physiotherapy degree at The Robert Gordon University, graduating with a Higher Diploma in Health Profession Studies. I did further training in Sports First Aid, Dry Needling, Cupping and Advanced Soft Tissue and Injury Management.


While studying I founded the Aberdeen Sports Massage Clinic. I spent seven years here, building up a solid reputation with the sporting population of the shire. I worked with the Aberdeen Football Club and the University Sports Scholarship Athletes. In 2012, I was chosen to work at the London Olympics, providing support for Women’s football teams. I was a member of the Scottish Institute of Sports Massage Providers Network and was invited to work with Team Scotland at their home games in 2014.


I said goodbye to Aberdeen to spend some time travelling, This led to a new discovery of something else I love - teaching! While in Goa, India, I started lecturing in anatomy and physiology, as well as yoga therapy and clinical practice. It was then and there that my appreciation for yoga started to grow. I practised daily and really noticed the difference yoga had on my mind and body. I got to be a student too sometimes, I was taught the philosophy of yoga, all whilst enjoying teaching those who were on their own yoga paths.


My journey has taken me to many countries, continents, yoga studios, sweat lodges, and medicine ceremonies, to name a few things. I've been lucky to have spent time with great teachers and healers. I’ve experienced first-hand great therapy from great therapists. I've climbed snow-capped mountains and sailed across stormy seas, and like many of us, have been in deep love and felt the pain of loss as well. This path has allowed me to see the past and the patterns for what they are. I’ve found a real sense of who I am and something valuable that I can bring to others as a result of my experiences. By looking at myself, adapting and growing, I am now able to act as a support for others to do the same. Through health education and personal development techniques, I empower my clients to find balance in their daily lives and live an embodied and present life.

Not sure what you need ?

I'm happy to consult with you and offer my advice, free of charge either over the phone or from the clinic follow this link to book a time.


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"Joseph, thank you for sharing our time with the BYS Yoga community amidst this new pandemic. I valued your clear and simple explanations for common physical ailments. Your description of the upper and lower cross syndrome, along with a guide on sequencing for it, helped me feel more confident in sequencing for the modern yogi. All the best, crm"

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